Self Publishing has never been easier and more cost effective

Dive into Self publishing

You can create a digital product  that you can sell on Amazon in a point and click fashion. This can be an eBook or  a bunch of articles that you have written, by putting them together you can create an e-book.  You can also choose to have people market your e-book for you on websites like Clickbank. This can be a blast and can also open up more opportunities to sell your e-book because affiliates may purchase your e-book with the sole purpose of creating a review to help sell your book as well.  Of course, they are going to want a commission, but hey, that can be a drop in the bucket.

Self Publishing

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Self publishing isn’t for everyone thought.  It takes a special person, it isn’t something that you wake up one day and say “Hey, I am going to take a shot at writing, when you don’t even enjoy reading.  Chances are, if you enjoy writing than self publishing is the way to go because you can make a huge career out of it.

It is a good idea especially if you are just starting out and don’t have the budget to print a book on paper by the thousands.  You may not see immediate success, but some of the greatest authors have published their first book  which was never popular until they published a 2nd , 3rd, and 4th book.  So stick with it, and learn to love the business side of it as much as you do the writing side of it.


Self publishing

This is a Self-Publishing Guide to, well, self publishing

You heard it right, Kindle Ritual has a self-publishing guide.  Which comes with plenty of training videos and 24/7 tech support

Self-Publishing Costs – Are a thing of the past.

This software is a onetime payment and it integrates with your WordPress, self hosted webpage.  For this reason your self-publishing costs consist of the software, hosting (unless you already have hosting, and a domain name.

Self Publishing Amazon – Integrated

Kindle Ritual gives you the ability to self publish your eBook directly to the Amazon marketplace.  The amount of exposure you will get from Amazon alone will help you get noticed by potential publishing companies wanting to publish your work.

Technology has made self publishing a Snap

One thing is for sure, with he way technology has changed the book business, self-publishing is here to stay.  What once was considered a spring-board to self publishing a book through a famous publishing company and selling millions of copies.

Self  publishing with an eBook publishing software like kindle ritual will more than likely become the corner-stone of publishing.

Due to the fact that Authors who self-publish are having success like never before. Internet marketing, eBook Publishing, and social networking sites have helped self-published authors get their books in front of potential readers and book buyers.  This is why you have to get your hands on an e-book publishing software that is going to act like the publishing company of old. The playing field has been leveled.  It is now possible  to compete with the big dogs.  When you self-publish, the control and success of your book is determined by you the author, publisher, and promoter.

This is NOT a lazy man’s game, neither is writing.  If you don’t give it 100%, you’ll fail. Just as in any other business.  One thing that helps ease the stress of having essentially three different jobs, is Kindle Ritual has a built-in eBook design cover creation, and builds a website to promote your, e-book as well as list it on Amazon.

Self Publishing really can be this simple.

Nearly gone are the days of sending off manuscripts only to wait and wait some more. Just to see if a publisher would accept it, only to often receive a crazy amount of rejections, resorting to self publishing 100 copies of your book at Office Max and try to sell your book out of the trunk of your car at Wal-Mart.  But, the only book you sold you actually gave away because a homeless man needed toilet paper. :) Either way, take a look at the software for yourself,          >>>>>>>>>>>Click here to take a look at, Kindle Ritual.<<<<<<<<<

Ebook Publishing Software – Kindle Ritual Review

Kindle Ritual Review

Not surprisingly, constitutes Earth’s largest buyer search engine. Opportunities to reach a huge market by publishing e-books for Amazon’s Kindle have greatly increased in recent months. As a result, numerous software creators have released programs to facilitate Kindle e-book creation. However, many such applications merely focus on creating large quantities of poor-quality e-books for bulk publishing to Amazon.Seeing the need for a superior solution with genuine value, online-marketing guru Brian G. Johnson spent a year extensively researching and testing numerous strategies for selling and making money from Kindle e-books. Johnson’s research included exploring social-media sites, email-marketing lists and Google SEO and optimizing them to yield the best results. Johnson then created Kindle Ritual to review and explain these strategies for aspiring sellers and provide software to greatly simplify the e-book creation and marketing process.Visit Kindle Ritual website for full details

As multiple positive Kindle Ritual reviews attest, this ingenious all-in-one solution provides a first-rate software suite and an effective training course with seven in-depth modules featuring live webinars, PDFs and videos to help beginners and intermediate-level marketers alike earn passive income quickly and easily by creating and publishing high-quality Kindle e-books and generating sales. In addition, for users who yearn to sell e-books but hate writing, the training even explains how to outsource the writing.

Launched on Oct. 2, 2012, Kindle Ritual lets users format their Kindle e-books for publication using a number of possible templates. The software also lets users fashion their own e-book covers, saving the cost of hiring an artist. In addition, users can employ Kindle Ritual to create promotional book or author websites that even look good on mobile devices with a simple mouse click.

Exploring Kindle Ritual for review purposes reveals that the software component consists of a custom WordPress theme called AuthorTheme. This theme features an e-book-creation wizard with an integrated e-book framework that lets users create e-books by simply inserting content. AuthorTheme formats the content, placing pages and chapters in the proper sequence to create finished e-books that are completely compatible with the Kindle Direct Publishing program. Users can also design a book cover and upload the finished product to in minutes. Kindle Ritual also reviews e-books’ formatting before uploading.

How to make a blog with WordPress in 3 steps

Once the user has uploaded a finished e-Book to Amazon, this software also helps with marketing the book outside of Amazon. When the user plugs in the book’s URL, AuthorTheme quickly creates an entire WordPress marketing site for the book, including a color scheme, an author-bio page, privacy policies, book details, disclaimers and other essential support pages. AuthorTheme also invokes Amazon’s APIs, letting users include the book’s cover image linked directly to its selling page on Amazon, numerous Amazon graphics like “Amazon Best-Seller” and buttons for promoting the book on popular social-media sites.

Since self-publishing Kindle e-Books constitutes the next huge wave for Internet money-making opportunities, thousands of customers are exploring this excellent way to create high-quality products and earn cash. Kindle Ritual provides valuable training by a highly successful Internet entrepreneur. In addition, Kindle Ritual comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee. Buyers can currently obtain this product, valued at more than $300, for a time-limited introductory price of $77, an excellent value.

Buyers should note that AuthorTheme cannot be installed on blogs hosted on; users will first need to install WordPress on their own web-hosting accounts. Installation requires some tech savvy, and buyers interested in Kindle Ritual should review their web hosts’ capabilities before purchasing this solution. Fortunately, technical-support staff for Kindle Ritual can review any potential issues and discuss solutions with prospective users before they buy.

EBook Publishing Software

ebook publishing software


There is a lot of eBook publishing software to choose from….

The one you have to get your hands on is Kindle Ritual, not available until —-September 20th 2012— October 2nd 2012 AVAILABLE NOW to the buying public.  The beta release got raving reviews and I cannot wait to review it myself.

When I first saw this product I thought to myself “there are plenty of ways to publish your own e-book!”  The thing is, this e-book publishing software comes with some major perks.  Publishing an e-book has never been easier whether you are a veteran to publishing eBooks or new to the whole process.

EBook publishing software, what we know so far..

I have found a eBook publishing software that has multiple functions.  The recent success of Amazon’s Kindle fire, eBooks are the new flavor.

As an author, you can focus on writing good material and less time figuring out how to publish and promote your eBook . Amazon’s Kindle fire is only going to get better as the years go on.

It streamlines the process of publishing an e-book by packaging a WordPress based software that makes self-publishing e-books easy as deploy >>>>> publish >>>>> profit.

Promotion is included in this eBook publishing software

The software also simplifies the promotion of your e-book by automatically generating mobile websites for your e-book. Within this publishing software you can design the cover of your eBook.

Training included with this eBook publishing software

Kindle ritual comes with a training course, tutorial videos, PDF format training manuals, and webinars. The creators of this software will continue to roll out updates as the world of e-book publishing changes.

Ways to earn residual income

When I first started publishing my own articles I did it because I had a passion for it.  I found out later that I could get paid for this passion. In case you didn’t know, Kindle ritual is going to give us a leg up on the competition.  Publishing eBooks is just one of the ways to earn residual income and this eBook publishing software is a must have due to its streamlined process.

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